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Elemental Mysteries

“Elemental Mysteries” is an educational Virtual Reality (VR) experience that lets you explore the ancient concepts of water, fire, air, and earth that were believed to form everything. This idea was introduced by Empedocles, a Greek pre-Socratic philosopher, and was the cornerstone of philosophy and science for two thousand years.

The proposed solution, “Elemental Mysteries,” is valuable because it bridges this gap, offering an immersive learning platform where history, science, philosophy, and art converge. Engaging users in an interactive 3D exploration of the four elements not only educates but also rekindles curiosity for the natural world. It encourages a deeper appreciation of how older cultures have understood and symbolized these elements, highlighting their significance in philosophy, psychology, and even astrology.


SoulSphere is a learning VR experience focused on providing a user a guided calming experience catalysed by immersive audio narration and tangible feedback to embark on a journey of visualisation and intention-setting where they can use their hands to visualise an energy ball called a CHI ball. The hand gestures will be able to change the size of the CHI ball.

Through guided visualization exercises, SoulSphere facilitates the development of visualization skills essential for cognitive and emotional processing. By engaging in intentional imagery to create a Chi ball, users sharpen their ability to visualize and manifest their intentions, a valuable skill applicable across various educational disciplines. The hand gestures will be able to change the size of the CHI ball.

The experience gives the user tangible feedback at various points within the creation of CHI Ball to make it more interactive and immersive. By exploring the nuances of their own energy dynamics within the virtual realm, users can deepen their understanding of the mind-body connection and cultivate valuable skills for self-awareness and relaxation. The tangible feedback and its components are discussed below in the Design Process.

Atom Craft

 The education experience to understand what different atoms are made up of. Users will learn how to create a Hydrogen atom (easy task) and Lithium atom (difficult task). This experience educates users of all ages to either learn for the first time or repeat their knowledge of the Bohr atom structure and what atoms are made of. AtomCraft enables an exciting and educational way of engaging with physics!


The Skokloster Experience

A Virtual Reality project focusing on digitizing cultural heritage and providing an immersive experience from the castle Skokloster in Sweden. The goal of the project is to facilitate field work for researchers and to provide a tourist attraction for those unable to visit the castle physically.

With this goal we ask the research question: “In this paper we ask, how can VR add value through immersive interactions when historic sites like Skokloster are inaccessible?”.

We present several similar projects from different museums and exhibitions around the world and inspire from these, together with requirements provided by stakeholders at Skokloster. We present and analyze several HCI projects working towards immersive and interactive realities to be able to design interactions according to their study results and validate our study through previous work.

The interactions mostly revolve around a book that belonged to a previous owner of the castle and gives an insight into proverbs and quotes that were considered important and educational during the 17th century.